Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman's Perspective / Blind Date Rules and Etiquette

Hello everyone, so long time ago this blog is not update cause I’m so busy with my job and my study. Umh I got en e-mail with “Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman's Perspective / Blind Date Rules and Etiquette” I think is so interesting and powerful law of dating success for you. Please take a look with short clip VDO technique Dating Tips foy Guys and enjoy to prove with yourselfe. bye for now.

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Why Asian Women Marry Foreign Men: Vietnam, Philippine, Thai & Chinese Brides

Why so Asian Women marry foreign men, mostly from other Asian countries?

In Asia, a man may not attract a bride if his income or assets are too low or he works in a rural setting. For example, hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese men mary Vietnamese virgin brides.


These brides marry with no common language, large age gap and meeting for only a few hours. They do this to fullfill their duty to support parents. The men can’t attract woman at home but their from a poorer country.


This same tradition is found in the Philipines, Thailand and most of Far East. In the Philipinese, Thailand, Vietnam and much of the far east, the metrics of marriage may include:

  • support of Family, (may be arragned)
  • Children for future retirement
  • Spouse to enable goals & duties
  • Romantic love if you are lucky

Pyschologists say love consisys of three matrics:

  • Passion (infatuation & lust)
  • Intimacy (knowing & liking)
  • Commitment (support)

In “modern” Western relationships, couples expect to have passion, intimacy and commitment before marriage.


However, in “traditonal” ans Eastern cultures, marriage often precedes Love.


The “Triangle Theory” of Love can be graphically depicted as follows:

Triangle Theory of Love

Evolutionary psychology reveals that monogamy is not nature. It waw not an evolutionary advantage for women to put ‘all her eggs in one basket’.


Nature intended women to seek a new masculine man when she is ovulating and a new more ‘supportive’ man the rest of her cycle. To match this dual reproductive ‘strateg’, men evolved to have as much sex as possible.

In ‘traditional’ cultures, marriage is a job description to support family and rise children. Romantic love is icing on the cake for those who hope to “learn to fall in love.” Should love be considered synonymous with marriage? Marital failure rates are unacceptaly high by any ethical standard. State laws on marriage need reexamining as the stigma and costs of divorce are too high.


In Eastern relationships, traditional roles and responsibilities are often more important than passion or intimacy. The couple must endure hoping to “learn to love” the other.


Marriage is fundamentally to support family and to raise children which will support the couple. Most will not marry into a lower economic status if possible.


Divorce laws in the West enanble Eastern women to fullfill their goals to family back home and provide for their children without staying married. When a Western women seeks a man for enrichment and divorce, she generally must pick a wealthy man. But Eastern women can pick a man of more modest assets and go home to live like a princess or petition family members to move overseas for employment.


Monogamy is not how humans lived for many thousands of years. Psychologists used to tell people that monogamy was “normal”, now they admit it is unnatural. With greater personal freedoms, longer life expectancies and high marital failure rates, the “tranditional” religious views of marriage, chattels, dower and patenity are being questioned. As god(s), myths and social norms, perhaps a more logical view of love will emerge.


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